Monday, October 29, 2007

Hello from Santa Fe, Texas

Well youth football is over and I hopefully will have time to start contributing to this site. I coached 5 and 6 year old flaggers this season. My grandson Camden played as a 5 year old as it was his first year to play. His dad (Clay) was our offensive coordinator and we went 8-2-1 for the season. I think that is the best Santa Fe (flaggers) have done in quite awhile. I was so proud of Camden this year as he matured and learned the game well. I expect great things from him next year as he and his friends will be the older group on the team. He to looks to be a quarterback as well as all the others that have been in our family. I look forward to being able to post to this site as we always enjoy going to this site and updating ourselves with the happenings of all our family.

To catch you guys up on the family, well: We have been doing well, it is pretty much like the rest of you. We get up in the mornings, go to work, come home and begin preparing for the next day. Kellye is preparing to tryout for the girls basketball team this year (8th grade). She played on the B team last year and really enjoyed the comrodery (sp?) of the girls. However, she did not like all the gossip that went on, but not everything is perfect in this life. I was so happy with her that she did not get involved with all that. Mandi has completed here Real Estate classes at the College of the Mainland and is soon to take her test to become a realtor. I believe that she already has a company that is interested in her as an agent. I think this is a great field for her, as she likes to talk to people and enjoys being outside. Camden and Ellie are keeping her busy otherwise. Camden started kindergarten this year. It was a rough start for him, but I think he has gotten the knack of it and it has smoothed out for him. He is doing well and is growing to be a fine young man. His dad Clay just started a job here local out at the plants in Texas City and now does not have to drive the 1:15 minutes everyday one way to work. I think he will like his job as well and this certainly gives him more time to be with his family. They are both great parents and work very hard at what they do. I am also proud of the both of them. Jared is now 32 and has a business of his own and works practically everyday of the week. He quite often works 7/12's and is a very busy man. Karen is working now at the Corps of Engineers where I work. She started late last year and now has about a year in with the Corps and somedays likes her job better than others. She is an accountant in the Resource Management office. She is also serving as the Secretary for the Young Womens Presidency in the Church. This to keeps her busy as well. Myself, well as I said earlier, football is over and now some time to get things done around the house. Baseball will start soon and I don't know yet if I will be coaching. There has been much interest in the community for me to start coaching individually again, but not sure what to do there either. I am tired of always going. Between work, coaching and church, there is not much time to get things done around here. Our pool was finished about 2 months ago and we did not get to spend much time in the water till it started getting to cold to swim. What time we did have, we really enjoyed. It is nice to have cool water on these Hot Texas days. I will try to attach some pictures of the pool for all to see. Remember all, when you come to visit, bring your swimsuit. Can't promise warm water, but I can promise water! LOL. Rick is expected to be here in a couple of days to start building Kyles Pergola/Greenhouse where we are going to plant most all of his tropical plants and get them out of the winter cold when it hits. Basically this will be a memorial to Kyle. So we have put much thought into the building of this structure and hope that it turns out as pretty as we envision it in our minds. It most certainly will be a work in progress as we hope to propagate his plants and start planting in other parts of the yard. Well that is a short brief on what is happening here. Hope all of you are well and doing fine. We love each and everyone of you. Come by and stay with us if you are ever in town or are just passing through.